Latest add-ons updates

You can install these via "Options - Addons manager", see also "readme" files after manual download.

  • [lexer] LiveCode (new)
  • [plugin] Filter Lines (new)
  • [plugin] Sort (new cmds: Reverse lines, Shuffle, Remove dups, Extract dups, Extract uniques, Remove blank etc.)
  • [lexer] Razor (upd)
  • [lexer] Kivy (new)
  • [lexer] HTML Django (new)
  • [lexer] PlantUML (new)
  • [lexer] ZenScript (new)
  • [lexer] Assembly SPARC (new)
  • [lexer] Assembly SHARC DSP (new)
  • [plugin] Hilite (new, replaces internal code)
  • [plugin] Python Intel (big rework)
  • [lexer] Assembly Z80 SjASM (new)
  • [lexer] HJSON (new)
  • [lexer] Assembly AVR (new)
  • [lexer] Apache Hive (new)
  • [plugin] Textile Preview (new)
  • [lexer] Textile (new)
  • [lexers] Lola-2, PICL (new)
  • [lexers] (updated, based on Sublime tests) Java, Rust, Scala, Matlab, ObjC, Latex, Lisp, Clojure, Graphviz
  • [lexer] Bohemia SQF (new)
  • [plugin] Brackets Hilite (new)
  • [plugin] Intext Bookmarks (new)
  • [plugin] Explorer Integration (new)
  • [plugin] Encode (new, port from Sublime Text)


Version 6.32.2535 (2017.01.14)

You can choose between installer version and zip archive. If you want to use SynWrite as Total Commander Lister plugin you need the zip package.

Beta version

If you want to try current beta version, you can find it here. Note that this version is mainly for testing of new fixes/features and might be unstable.