Latest add-ons updates

You can install these via "Options - Addons manager", see also "readme" files after manual download.

  • [plugin] Insert Time (new)
  • [plugin] Extract Strings (new, replaces internal code)
  • [plugin] Spell Checker (new, replaces internal code)
  • [plugin] Align by Separator (new, replaces internal code)
  • [plugin] reStructuredText Preview (new)
  • [lexer] reStructuredText (new)
  • [lexer] ABC Notation (new)
  • [lexer] Assembly JWASM (new)
  • [lexer] RTF (new)
  • [lexer] Modelica (upd)
  • [plugin] HTML Beautify (new, ported from SublimeText)
  • [lexer] Java Velocity (new)
  • [lexer] Bitsquid SJSON (new)
  • [lexer] Dockerfile (new)
  • [lexer] Oberon(upd)
  • [lexer] Abaqus (new)
  • [lexer] ColdFusion (reworked)
  • [plugin] Python Intel (new, faster/small/python, instead of SynJedi)
  • [lexer] ARM Assembly (new)
  • [lexer] JavaScript Babel/ React JSX (new)


Version 6.21.2240 (may 2016)

You can choose between installer version and zip archive. If you want to use SynWrite as Total Commander Lister plugin you need the zip package.

See History.txt file with info about last changes.

Beta version

If you want to try current beta version, you can find it here. Note that this version is mainly for testing of new fixes/features and might be unstable.