ECW Expression Calculator

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ECW Expression Calculator is an advanced expression calculator with the following features:

  • display result as decimal/hex/bin/oct/exponential
  • standard and on-the-fly calculation modes
  • over 60 built-in functions: general, trigonometric, hyperbolic, statistical
  • user variables and functions
  • support for additional plugins functions

In the main calculator dialog you can type math expression and see result of its evaluation in several number formats. You may copy result into expression field for editing or directly into clipboard. The expression you just calculated is added to input history, and you may recall it later from drop-down list.

Main window

Simplified window

Status: Freeware
Version: 1.06

Download: location1, location2

ECW Expression Calculator has also its Win32 console text mode version. Console executable supports both dialog interface and command line mode. To configure calculator you need to edit text .ini files.

Download console version: location1, location2