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PAD file for Free ver. PAD file for Pro ver.
Universal Viewer Pro:
  • Latest release: (nov 2013)
  • License: shareware, 15-day trial
    (freeware for Russian OS and non-commercial use)
  • Download: Installer
  • Download: Portable

Universal Viewer Free:

  • Latest release: (nov 2012)
  • License: freeware
  • Download: Installer
    • Clicking this link begins installation of InstallIQ™, which manages your Universal Viewer installation. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in ads during the installation process. Learn More.
    • You can find portable version below on this page.

The latest updates for language and help files are listed below.
To install a language file (.lng), extract it into Language subfolder of installation folder. To install a help file (.chm), extract it into Help subfolder of installation folder.

If you need portable version of Universal Viewer Free, use this link.

  • it is not 100% portable:
    installer work needed to support MS Office mode, and this mode requires MS Office on local machine.
  • if you're getting messages about expired NavPanel add-on, you may simply delete the Nav.exe file. NavPanel add-on is optional.

You can also download the helper tool which allows to change default location of application's configuration files:

Disclaimer: is distributing modified installers which differ from the originals. The modified installers are compliant with the original software manufacturer’s policies and terms & conditions. Additional software recommendations may be offered to users on an opt-in basis during the installation.

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